2014 “NERF’s Hall of Fame” Theme

Alright all my fellow NERFs!.. (and if you’re wondering why I’m referring to you as NERFs, take a gander at the “About” page. It pretty much ‘splains everything.. Go ahead. I’ll wait.. Good now?)..  We’re going to start this year off right by setting the tone and keeping our minds sharp for the upcoming racing season.  Us NERFs are going to go “ALL-TIME“.

The decisions we make through these polls are going to be kept on record.  The results will be added up in Mid December and Listed for all to see.  Think of it as our own NERF Hall of Fame.  The overall theme for 2014’s “NERF’s Hall of Fame” is (drum roll please) what makes up our ALL-TIME ASPHALT MODIFIED RACE.  The starting field, the setting, the track, etc..

Throughout the season we will throw up polls that will eventually decide, as a majority, many details of our ALL-TIME ASPHALT MODIFIED RACE.  The feature race of course is none other than our beloved Asphalt Modifieds, the Kings of the pavement! (No disrespect Super Modifieds, as you are the Hyde to our Jekyll.)

Okay, get yer your thinking caps on and warm up that memory bank..  You and me, my fellow NERFs, we’re going to build our ALL-TIME ASPHALT MODIFIED RACE.

*If any of these polls do not have your choices listed, I got ya’ covered.  I left you a line to type in a choice or numerous choices some of us might have forgotten.  Polling starts February 1st and ends December 1st.


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