Note to all Readers.


After speaking with family members and close friends of the late Robert Echo we have come to an agreement.

The lack of morals of an auto racing blogger from Connecticut, by bringing up our late friend, father, grandfather and husband’s memory by way of negative public comments, for the sole purpose of provoking a response, was nothing short of a disgraceful act. 

“..really don’t know much about what he (Robert Echo) did other than he wrote a column for Speedway Scene. Probably best he’s not around to see you absolutely destroying any sort of legacy he created.”

There’s some places you just don’t go especially when attempting to provoke a confrontation. Bringing up someone’s late relatives, out of spite, to egg on an argument is one of them. His words were inexcusable and disrespectful. If disagreeing or disliking a writer or the column, then stick to the argument and subject at hand. Bringing a deceased relative up, as was the case, and using the pathetic excuse of defending his work is childish at best.

As of Today, Friday, March 21st, 2014 in the “Tiregate Part 2: Looking Back and Moving Forward” story published on this site, any mention, links or comments involving the blogger and their blog have been deleted as well as the blogger has permanently banned from any future posting or comments on this site the coinciding Facebook page.

We believe this is the best course of action in order to maintain what this site is about which is a tribute to the accomplishments and memory of the late Robert “Bob” Echo.

Thank you for understanding and frequenting the NERF’ers Corner RELOADED site and NERF’ers Corner RELOADED Facebook page.

Thank you.

The Family and Friends of Robert Echo

**Update 5/17/14 : After being banned.. The same blogger attempted to comment on the “Money and the UnderDog” story. The blogger used the fake ID and email of a “Dave Mederios”. The IP address for this fake ID and email matched the exact same IP used by the blogger previously to comment on “Tiregate Part 2”. It was an IP address that was tagged and banned.

It should also be noted the blogger continues to publicly deny (on his site as well as through social media) ever saying the aforementioned quote about Robert Echo, but the comments and the screen shot of said comments are on record.

3 thoughts on “Note to all Readers.”

  1. Good job Jared! No need for that kind of nonsense on this great page anyways. You have class unlike that “other” media person.

  2. I have been involved in my fare share of heated situations as a flagman and have had some nasty things screamed at me while officiating. Some of my father’s friends and our family members posed a good question. Some incidents almost came to throwing hands, but in all those times not once did anyone bring up anyone’s family member, let alone a late family member in a negative remark. There’s some places you just don’t go. That is what decided it.
    Thanks for the comments guys.

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