NERF'ers Corner by Robert Echo

What’s In A Book

– FRIDAY, JULY 7TH, 1978 –

Since Spring has come and gone and with the Summer upon us, my better half put me to the task of cleaning out the attic, cellar, closets and the trunk of my old Ford.

Somebody wanted to buy the old bird, my car not my wife, and build her into a Modified, but I told him the aero-dynamics of old Betsy couldn’t compete with the sleek bodied Pinto Mods of today. He said it didn’t matter because no one’s going to beat the “Big Red Machine” anyway.

I asked him if he was at Stafford Motor Speedway for the “Ferrara 100” last Friday night when the Dick Armstrong owned Nu-Style Jewelry Pinto driven by What’s his name came up empty…. The “MT” stands for Maynard Troyer who along with his sleek “Big White Machine” put another embarrassing defeat on the Number 1 Racing Team at it’s home track. Two confrontations at Stafford this year and “MT” has won them both.

Like my old writin’ buddy, Phil Smith, said before the annual Ferrara event, “No. 1 will be No. 2 and No. 6 will be No. 1.” Boy! Those Smith’s sure know their stuff.

Now back to the cleaning of the cracks and crevasses in the old homestead.

Down in the cellar I found a couple of boxes of old books among the other things. I brushed off the cobwebs, blew off some of the dust and started to read some of the titles of the dilapidated conglomeration of literature.

I thought some of the titles were made to order in reference to some of our Northeastern racing elite. So we decided to mention them in this weeks column.

The following are the people and the books we think could be used by them in some capacity.

Bob Polverari – “Shake the Dice and Be a Winner” by Jimmy the Greek.
Dick Grote – “He Means Nothing to Me” by Usta B. Ferst.
Reggie Ruggiero – “He’s Not So Tough” by Mario Fiore.
Phil Smith – “What’s In a Shirt” by Didunt Dunet.
Richie Evans – “The Way To Win A National Title” by Jerry Cook.
John Tallini – “Flagging Down Traffic” by U. Whisyacood.
Dale Lee Howdyshell – “Victory Lane – A Racing Drivers Dream” by Richard Petty.
Ron Bouchard – “The Only Way To Be Number One” by Mr. Zero.
Maynard Troyer – “Summers Are Always Green In New England” by I.M. Richnow.
Billy Taylor – “I Should Have Stayed In New York” by Nelson Rockefellow.
Punky Caron – “Running In The Tall Timber” by Paul Bunyon.
Ron Van Neese – “A Right Cross And A Left Hook” by Muhammad Ali.
Seymour the Clown – “I’m Number One” by Seymour the Clown.
Pete Fiandaca – “The Road To Success” by Speedy Gonzalez.
Dick Armstrong – “The Thrill of Victory and The Agony of Defeat” by Wanda Winn.
Toodi Gelinas – “A Fuel For Success – Gatorade” by Darrell Waltrip.
Jerry Cook – “It’s Not Gonna Be Easy” by Richie Evans.

Believe it or not, these books cannot be found in your local library. Some where in a dump in Western Mass is the remains of this once famous collection.

Til next time, “Keep on Trackin”.

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