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Welcome to NERF’ers Corner RELOADED!

“NERF’ers Corner by Robert Echo” was originally published within the pages of New England Speedway Scene / Speedway Scene from 1978 into the early 80’s.  The column began as a place for fan club information and news and shortly there after turned into an opinionated and investigative column dedicated to topics concerning the Northeast auto racing community.

Robert Echo
Robert Echo, aka the NERF. Speedway Scene Photo. Sept.14th, 1979

What’s a NERF?  “NERF” mirrored who Bob Echo was at heart, a New England Racing Fan.  He loved the sport, the overall environment of a racing facility on race day and those filling the stands and the pits.  As the publication’s coverage expanded and its audience grew,  New England Speedway Scene became Speedway Scene.  With that, “NERF” was redefined as North East Racing Fan.

Why RELOAD NERF’ers Corner after all these years?  I answer that with; “Why not? ”  Thanks to our late father’s friend, former employer, editor and publisher of Speedway Scene, Val LeSieur’s kind permission, we are able to republish NERF’er Corner as it was printed in New England Speedway Scene/Speedway Scene over 30 years ago.  It wakes once lost or fuzzy memories, allows some of us to relive those days and educates on the happenings in the Northeast in the late 70’s to Early 80’s.

Some may find a former driver, official, relative, or friend being placed under the microscope by these writings from long ago, if so I ask you to consider the simple fact these are writing from long ago and republished here merely as a tribute site in memory of Robert Echo.

If that simple fact isn’t acceptable, you should also consider that Robert Echo continued to travel from track to track and show to show spreading the word of Speedway Scene, Racearama, NEAR, and events he supported for years after he stopped penning NERF’ers Corner..  He took in well over 100 plus racing events a year, visiting over 100 speedways throughout the Northeast and down the East coast in those years.  If he wrote about a driver, official, relative, friend chances are that in the time that followed, it’s very possible those individuals ran into Robert Echo and resolved any brief issues that may have existed.

Robert Echo never had a problem speaking with anyone while being out in the public eye and around his fellow auto racing fans at any speedway or function he attended or ran.

One prime example of that comes from his early columns involving successful Modified, Late Model Sportsman, and NASCAR Cup driver Geoff Bodine.  It’s a little known fact that any issues between the NERF and Geoff were actually resolved sooner than one may think.  Echo and Bodine had numerous conversations in mid 1979 and through the early 1980’s in the pit areas at numerous facilities across the Northeast.  By that time, as far as any disagreements or animosity was concerned, Robert Echo considered it all water under the bridge.

This site now consists of two columns.  One column penned in the past by the late Robert “Bob” Echo; NERF’ers Corner.  As stated previously, the column is being re-published in his memory with gracious permission by former Speedway Scene owner and operator, Val LeSieur.  “RELOADED” will consists of my own works, written in memory of my father. I covered some topics from current happenings in auto racing as well as some from the past. 

Thank you for stopping by NERF’ers Corner RELOADED.  Please check out the links page for auto racing news sites, photos and video sites.

7 thoughts on “About This Site”

  1. Jared…..looking forward to going back in history reading your dad’s penned articles which I enjoyed in Speedway Scene…..and going forward in time, reading yours!!!

  2. Looking forward to checking out this site in the days ahead, Jared. Should bring back some old memories!

  3. Thank you for the kind words, Bones. Keep pumping out those great biographies and autobiographies. As is the norm, ALL rave reviews about your recent release, “BENTLEY”.

  4. Just goes to prove the old adage…….Racers don’t get old….they just lose their timing belts…….David Shippee

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