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Friday, May 12, 1978
Let There Be NERF

Friday, May 19, 1978
Punky Caron and an Old School Open Modified Show

Friday, May 26, 1978
Geoff Bodine and the Big Red Machine: ROUND 1

Friday, June 02, 1978
Memorial Day Weekend Present and Past

Friday, June 09, 1978
Geoff Bodine and the Big Red Machine: ROUND 2

Friday, June 16, 1978
ROUND 3: Dropping Some Knowledge

Friday, June 23, 1978
When the Shoe Fits, OUCH!

Friday, June 30, 1978
Final Round “Final Chapter: Geoff Bodine”

Friday, July 07, 1978
“What’s In A Book”

Friday, July 14, 1978

Friday, July 28, 1978
Railroading of the Radical Racer: “NASCAR Now In Railroad Business”

Friday, August 04, 1978
Missing Drivers and Versatile S.J. Evonsion

Friday, August 11, 1978
“Is NASCAR Too Big For Its Britches?”

Friday, August 18, 1978

Friday, September 01, 1978
“Cars, Clowns and Congratulations”

Friday, September 15, 1978

Friday, September 29, 1978 (marked September 24th)
“Dis, Dat and De Utter Thing”

Friday, October 06, 1978

Friday, October 20, 1978
“Missing for 1979, Will Return in 1980”

Friday, October 27, 1978
“Witches, Ghosts, Hobgoblins, 50 and 100 Too!”

Friday, January 5th 1979
“Old Man ’78, Gone But Not Forgotten”

Friday, June 01, 1979
From the Heart and the Clipboard Incident: “THE NERF RETURNS”

Friday, July 13, 1979
“Last Week a Super One and Alsup Too!”

Friday, September 14, 1979 (marked September 19th)
“A Bunch of Hicks and a Couple of Flatlanders”

Friday, September 28, 1979

Friday, October 05, 1979
“It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, No It’s Super Dirt Week!”

Friday, October 19, 1979
“A Missed Column and A Sad Week”

Friday, November 23, 1979
“Ladies And Gentlemen! It’s Time For The 2nd Annual Seymour Awards!”

Friday, December 14, 1979
“Will the Real promoter of the Year Please Stand Up”
*Includes: Stew Remer’s December 28th response “RACING PROMOTION MONTHLY” EDITOR STRIKES BACK AT ECHO”
and Robert Echo’s reply from Friday, January 04, 1980: “More Accurately, It Is The WHO Knows YOU Popularity Contest”

Friday, January 04, 1980
*Published on this site with the Friday, December 14th, 1979 column
“More Accurately, It Is The WHO Knows YOU Popularity Contest”

Friday, February 08, 1980
“Speedline Celebrates Year of Tremendous Success”

Friday, February 29, 1980
“I Wonder Where The Yellow Went?”

Friday, March 14, 1980
“NASCAR North Series Nears 400 Grand With Big Molson Bucks”

Friday, March 21, 1980
“Need Sponsorship Dollars? Go Get ‘Em!!!”

*Friday, April 11, 1980
The Fat Rat Gets Roasted: “A Night of All Nights.. Over, But Not Forgotten”

*Friday, April 11, 1980
Racing’s Now In Full Swing As It’s Sizzler Time!”

Friday, May 9th, 1980
Penn-Can, Shangri-La, New Evergreen and Some Other Things

Friday, May 23, 1980
“NASCAR Changes Rules In Mid-Stream”

Friday, May 30, 1980
“Racin’ People, The Big Red Nose And Jokes Too!”

Friday, June 06, 1980
“New Jersey, Lyon Killers And “Sizzle-Cone”

Friday, June 13, 1980
“Boycott The Olympics, Not Thompson… And Let’s Go Racing!”

Friday, June 27, 1980
“RIP Denis Taney, Thunder Road Lock Up and More”

Friday, October 23rd, 1981
*A Speedway Scene Feature Story
“Ken Brightbill Vs. DIRT Rulebook Controversy Still Hot Item”

Column dates, titles and links to the columns are added as they are scheduled and republished.

All of Robert Echo’s NERF’ers Corner Columns and write ups involving Robert Echo in some way, shape or fashion are republished with gracious permission from Val LeSieur/Speedway Scene. Without Val we would not be able to pay tribute to the memory of the NERF himself.

Thank you Val!


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