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The SBM 125 IV Has Arrived!



This week is not so much about a column, it’s about a race and all the information you need to know to prepare yourself for The SBM 125 IV at Star Speedway on Saturday, June 14th!  It’s the second jewel of the triple crown that is the Tri-Track Open Modified Series.  A race that was the dream of one Kevin Rice who put an idea in motion and stuck with it.  In “OPEN SEASON” Kevin spoke of his early days writing for Oswego Speedway’s racing program, The Oswego Eagle.  It’s the drive that was key to his dive into race promotions like so many before him; “I got satisfaction from how my work as a writer helped short track racing.”

SBM 125 creator Kevin Rice poses in victory lane with 2 time SBM 125 Champion Matt Hirschman in 2013. Howie Hodge photo.
SBM 125 creator Kevin Rice poses in victory lane with 2 time SBM 125 Champion Matt Hirschman in 2013. Howie Hodge photo.

For the last few years Kevin Rice along with help and support made up of fans, drivers, teams and everything in between have turned an idea of an old school open Modified race into reality.  This year he’s had plenty of assistance from one of the Modified division’s biggest supporters, Jim Schaefer.

Without looking at the posted purse money, just a glance at the contingency awards and lap sponsors it’s very evident that the Northeast asphalt Modified community is alive and well where the SBM 125 Open Modified event is concerned.

The facility the SBM 125 takes place at has seen it’s fare share of open Modified racing history.  Star Speedway in Epping, NH, known as the track “Where Champions are Made”, is a high banked quarter mile asphalt oval that breeds nothing, but fast and exciting action.

It was recently announced that Ben Dodge was chosen as this year’s Grand Marshal and yet again what a fine choice for a representative of the event and the asphalt Modifieds.  Ben is known by everyone in the racing community and has been a friend to fans and competitors alike for decades.  Again, what a fantastic choice for the SBM 125 IV Grand Marshall!  Alright Ben!!!

The SBM 125 IV has nearly $45,000.00 payout up for grabs.  The base purse is $31,400.00.  The possible winning take home including bonuses could reach $10,000.00.  $1,000.00 is guaranteed to start this old school open Modified race.  That’s the least you can take home as a starter, but with contingency award money the possibilities are endless.

RELOADED’s Fast Dozen to Watch..

*Order is random.

  1. Tommy Barrett Jr. in his family familiar #9 Modified was a strong contender at last years SBM 125 being one of few that seemed to have a little something for eventual winner Matt Hirschman until mechanical issues ended the charge.
  2. Jon McKennedy will be back in his own Modified. The inaugural SBM 125 Champion is one of Modified’s most talented and can’t be counted out.
  3. Ryan Preece returns in the Boehler Racing Enterprises Ole’ Blue and is coming off of a runner up finish at the Bullring Bash. Look out for this Modified ace.
  4. Andy Jankowiak wrecked his main Modified last week in Race of Champions competition, but he’s a true racer and true racers race. Working all week repairing the car, he and crew will be making the 5 plus hour trip to compete in the SBM 125. A true Modified competitor.
  5. Rowan Pennink will be in the familiar colors of his VMRS ride. The driver is always a factor when he hits the track. Can he be the one to break Matt Hirschman’s strangle hold as Open King?
  6. Woody Pitkat will be piloting Stan Mertz’s #6 Modified in the SBM. Pitkat is the definition of old school Modified pilots. Point him to the empty seat of any Modified and he’ll strap himself inand ready to compete. Another racer’s racer.
  7. Matt Hirschman?  What’s not to be said about Matt Hirschman and any event he enters. Just seems when the big money is on the line “Money” instantly becomes the driver to beat.
  8. Steve Masse is hot off of an absolute dominating performance in the most recent VMRS event at Seekonk Speedway. He’s run very well in the SBM in the past and has to be a favorite to contend.
  9. Richard Savary and his team are one’s to keep an eye on. Savary has already won this season on the VMRS and was one of the biggest challengers at the Bullring Bash.
  10. Todd Szegedy who holds the fastest time and heat lap in SBM 125 history will have his sights set on the big money and that comes with performing and being the first to pass under the checkered flag.
  11. Justin Bonsignore has to be a favorite to give “Money” a run for the SBM 125 money.  Legendary car owner Art Barry always has his Modified’s fine tuned for battle and this dynamic duo will be a force to be reckoned with at Star.
  12. Dennis “The Underdog” Perry shocked the the open fans with a podium finish in the Bullring Bash at Lee USA Speedway.  Will he and his tight knit team match their performance in the SBM 125? Do not count the Underdog out by any means!

*Honorable mention.. Max Zachem. This young Modified pilot just keeps improving and moving forward. His 4th place finish in the recent VMRS event at Seekonk shows if there is a sleeper type pick to open some eyes this Saturday at Star, my bet would be Max.

Alright Modified fans, PACK THE HOUSE at Star Speedway this Saturday night for the old school open we know as the..

SBM 125 IV

SBM 125 Fast Facts

The winners of the first three SBM events have earned a total of $25,781.64. TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS PLUS!!! (SBM I- $7,225) (SBM II- $8,792) (SBM III- ($9,764.64).

SBM I was also 125 laps, but it was completed in just under 34 minutes with only one caution. Much like SBM III, everyone pitted at the same time because of the long green run, leading to the rule change for pit safety at the June 14 race this year.

Best average finishers are- #1 Matt Hirschman at 2.67 with finishes of 6th, and two wins. #2. Ryan Preece is at 3.33 with finishes of 5th, 2nd and 3rd, Preece has an average payoff of $3,270 per race despite being winless in the SBM. He hopes to change that driving “Ole Blue” this year on June 14 at Star Speedway. They earned $1,324 for a 16th place finish last year with Ted Christopher.

The fastest qualifying lap in SBM history was 12.291 seconds by Todd Szegedy in his only lifetime appearance at Star Speedway in 2012. Pole last year was 12.347 by Matt Hirschman. Szegedy also had the fastest final heat race lap to get the Mountainside Graphix Screenprinting & Embroidery bonus in ’12 at 12.632. Can he beat Hirschman again?

SBM 125 Champions

2011 – SBM 125 I – #73 – Jon McKennedy – Howie Hodge photo.   SBM 125 I – Video from the Race – By David McGuire

2012 – SBM 125 II – #59 – Matt Hirschman – Howie Hodge photo.    SBM 125 II – Video of the Race – By David McGuire

2013 – SBM 125 III – #59 – Matt Hirschman – Howie Hodge photo.   SBM 125 III – Video of the Race – By David McGuire

And now let’s look at those who have helped make this event so special..

SBM 125 IV Lap Sponsors

Lap 1  –  Norm Wrenn III, #1M Pro Four Modified Race Team
Lap 2  –  SPAFCO Race Chassis
Lap 3  –  $53- In Loving Memory of Michael J. Perry from Carol Perry
Lap 4  –  Tour Fan Ed
Lap 5  –  JRD Racing #05 Jacob Dore
Lap 5A  –  CCP Pasteryak Race Team
Lap 6  –  Cliff Nelson Motorsports from Bruce Bachta
Lap 7  –  Ryan Gath Electrical Services www.yourelectricsource.com
Lap 8  –  Good Luck Mike Douglas Jr. #23 from the Theriaults
Lap 9  –  Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists 617-770-0629
Lap 10  –  Ted Krajewski
Lap 11  –  www.NEMRS.biz New England Motor Racing Supply- Butch Valley
Lap 11A  –  Good Luck “Southern Style” to Andy Seuss #11
Lap 12   –  Derek Griffith Motorsports Pro Stock #12
Lap 13  –  El Gee Products/Masse Racing from Andrew Truchinskas
Lap 14  –  Derek Griffith Motorsports GSPSS Pro Stock Race Team
Lap 15  –  CCP Pasteryak Racing
Lap 16  –  Tour Fan Ed
Lap 17  –  www.myracenews.com Your source for short track racing news
Lap 18  –  In Memory of Ed Friend Sr., from Eddie Friend
Lap 19  –  Majowicz/Webber Motorsports #19 350 Supermodified
Lap 20  –  Broad Brook Heating & Cooling
Lap 21  –  Broad Brook Heating & Cooling
Lap 22  –  Tour Fan Ed
Lap 23   –  Douglas Automotive of Manchester, NH (603) 625-5854
Lap 24  –  Tour Fan Ed
Lap 25  –  VMRS Champion Roscoe Racing #25 from Gary Casella
Lap 26   –  Tour Fan Ed
Lap 27  –  Furst Edition Photography – Stephen Furst
Lap 28  –  C.A. Ordway Builders
Lap 29  –  “Welcome to our world Hayden Guillemette- The Youngest SBM 125 Fan of All!”
Lap 30  –  Race Track Responder – Andy Biron
Lap 31  –  Good luck to Ryan Preece and Mike Douglas Jr. from Prodigy Plumbing & Drain 603-998-1146
Lap 32  –  www.WaddellCommunications.com Shawn Waddell
Lap 33  –  Seekonk Grand Prix Go-Kart Track- Seekonk, Mass
Lap 34  –  J & R Precast
Lap 35  –  J & R Precast
Lap 36  –  Barry Goldberg- Thank you Kevin Rice for SBM IV and Good Luck Jerome Bettis- future Hall of Famer
Lap 37  –  Good Luck to all from Chris Buchman
Lap 38  –  In Honor of Supermodified driver Jim Martel from Jim Verge
Lap 39  –  Good Luck to All from Bruce Bachta
Lap 40  –  Valenti Family of Dealerships – www.bobvalenti.com
Lap 41  –  Richard Johnson
Lap 42  –  Good Luck to all from Strictly Stock 42
Lap 43  –  In Honor of Six-Time Champion “Wild” Bill Greco from Jim Verge
Lap 44  –  www.NEMRS.biz New England Motor Racing Supply from Butch Valley
Lap 45  –  Good Luck to All from Bruce Bachta
Lap 46  –  In Loving Memory of Tommy Cormier from Rob MacRae and the #52 Race Team
Lap 47  –  LCM Racing Engines
Lap 48  –  LCM Racing Engines
Lap 49  –  Seekonk Grand Prix Go-Kart Track- Seekonk, Mass
Lap 50  –  http://www.chem3.com/
Lap 51  –  http://www.chem3.com/
Lap 52  –  In Loving Memory of T.C. from the #52 Outlaw Late Model Team
Lap 53  –  Norm Wrenn #53 VMRS Race Team
Lap 54  –  Beard’s Auto and Truck Repair, Merrimack, NH
Lap 55  –  $$$- RESERVED FOR NICKEL AND DIME LAP- and $25 from Racing Against Cancer 100
Lap 56  –  Cliff Nelson Motorsports
Lap 57  –  $57- In Memory of Paul Szaban from Bruce Bachta
Lap 58  –  Beard’s Auto and Truck Repair, Merrimack, NH
Lap 59  –  $100- J&J Motorsports and Matt Hirschman
Lap 60  –  Hirschman’s Cellar Dwellers
Lap 61  –  Butch Valley, in memory of Richie Evans
Lap 62  –  Preece Racing
Lap 63  –  LATICRETE HALFWAY BONUSES – $2000 ($200 to each team running in positions 1-10)
Lap 64  –  Preece Racing
Lap 65  –  Valenti Family of Dealerships – www.bobvalenti.com
Lap 66  –  Good Luck this season, 2013 ROC Rookie of the year Austin Kochenash- Algie Graffam
Lap 67  –  Dave Meredith and Family
Lap 68  –  www.WaddellCommunications.com – Shawn Waddell
Lap 69  –  C.A. Ordway Builders
Lap 70  –  Good Luck Andy Seuss #70 from Rockingham Boat of Hampstead, NH
Lap 71  –  Hannaford Racing Engines and the #71 Modified of Josh Cantara
Lap 72  –  Mike and Lisa Chapman
Lap 73  –  McKennedy Brothers Mason Contractors (978) 459-5148
Lap 74  –  Preece Racing
Lap 75  –  CCP Pasteryak Race Team
Lap 76  –  Preece Racing
Lap 77   –  www.NEMRS.biz New England Motor Racing Supply- Butch Valley Jr
Lap 78  –  Merrimack House of Pizza
Lap 79  –  In Loving Memory of Roger Hill from Sandra Hill
Lap 80  –  Seekonk Grand Prix
Lap 81  –  Seekonk Grand Prix
Lap 82  –  Seekonk Grand Prix
Lap 83  –  Seekonk Grand Prix
Lap 84  –  Village Bake House, Groton CT – Good Luck All Drivers
Lap 85  –  Village Bake House, Groton CT – Good Luck All Drivers
Lap 86  –  http://www.chem3.com/
Lap 87  –  http://www.chem3.com/
Lap 88  –  In Support of Jim Boniface and Family -Rev Scott RWJM.
Lap 89  –  Good Luck Competitors from Jillian Leonard
Lap 90  –  Cliff Nelson Motorsports from Bruce Bachta
Lap 91  –  Gary Noe -GN Auto Core 607-321-9904
Lap 92  –  Good Luck to #92 Anthony Nocella from Nocella Paving of Woburn, Mass
Lap 93  –  George Sherman #93 Racing Team
Lap 94  –  A-1 Automotive of Ashland MA – Mike Horn
Lap 95  –  Sherwood Racing Wheels- from Lee Sherwood
Lap 96  –  In Memory of “Irish” Jack Murphy and his Shamrock #6 from Marsha Gadzera
Lap 97  –  Good Luck to all Teams from Dr. Mom Says, “School is Cool!” and Tony “the Tuna”- proud sponsor of the #97 Supermodified
Lap 98  –  In Honor of Retired Racer Ron Narducci from James Osterhoudt
Lap 99  –  $100 -Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists 617-770-0629
Lap 100  –  $200 – Gary Laro at “Powderkeg Powdercoating” – (603) 892-8019 – “Good luck to Mike Douglas Jr. #23”
Lap 101  –  The Billerica Project – Go Purple – from Rob MacRae
Lap 102  –  Good Luck Competitors from Jillian Leonard
Lap 103  –  In Memory of Lenny Boehler and Jimmy Fournier from Jennifer Fournier Ready
Lap 103A  –  www.AutomartUsedCars.com and the #03 Super Late Model of Joe Squeglia
Lap 104  –  www.WaddellCommunications.com – Shawn Waddell
Lap 105  –  Good Luck Competitors from Jillian Leonard
Lap 106  –  In Loving Memory of Harold Whitney from Pete Newsham
Lap 107  –  Majestic Motors Merrimack NH 603-424-6122
Lap 108  –  Majestic Motors Merrimack NH 603-424-6122
Lap 109  –  Majestic Motors Merrimack NH 603-424-6122
Lap 110  –  Good Luck to all from Marilyn and Don Toal
Lap 111  –  Good Luck Competitors from Jillian Leonard
Lap 112  –  Majestic Motors Merrimack NH 603-424-6122
Lap 113  –  Red Roof Inn
Lap 114  –  Red Roof Inn
Lap 115  –  Red Roof Inn
Lap 116  –  Red Roof Inn
Lap 117  –  Red Roof Inn
Lap 118  –  Red Roof Inn
Lap 121   –  www.WaddellCommunications.com – Shawn Waddell
Lap 122  –  Better Maintenance Sheet metal of Rowley, Mass
Lap 123  –  Tisdell Transmission Sponsored #23 Modified of Mike Douglas Jr
Lap 124  –  Dedicated to his father, Rocco “Butch” D’Alessandro from Ron D’Alessandro
Lap 125  –  Hannaford Racing Engines and Josh Cantara #71 Modified

  • Lap sponsors contributed $50.00 a lap unless noted otherwise.
  • Lap money will be split between the leader of the lap, and a random driver in the top ten unless noted otherwise.

SBM 125 IV Contingencies & Awards

  • 2nd Annual Chuck Montville Car Owner of the Race Award $350 from Steve Mendoza plus a plaque from Danger Designs
  • Waddell Communications Fast Time Award $100 and plaque
  • Crown Award – $100
  • Heat Bonus – $200 -Tisdell Transmissions of Londonderry, NH.
  • First Timer Bonus – $300 – Messina’s Flooring of Salem, NH.
  • Top VMRS Bonus – $250 to highest VMRS finish from Bruce Bachta and 30 pack from Lu-Mac’s Package Store
  • Top Finishing Father – $100 from Carl Rice
  • Sherwood Racing Products – $60 Gift Certificate – 7th place
  • Hard Charger Award from Russ Wood Sr – $200 to the driver gaining the most positions
  • FastTrac Concessions -Star Modified Bonus – $350 ($150,100,100)
  • Shirley Z Award – $200
  • Danger Designs Best Appearing Car – $100 and plaque
  • Whelen Tour Highest Finisher – $200 from Rockingham Boat
  • Longest Tow ( 3 teams) – $500/300/200 from Doug Dunleavy
  • Top 3 ROC Finishes from Fred Wilcox – $300 (150/100/50)
  • Highest Finish for a driver from MA – $100 from Linda and Glen Chartier
  • Fastest Last Lap of the 4 Heat races – $100 from Mountainside Graphix Screenprinting & Embroidery
  • Tough Luck Award – $250 sponsored by J&J Motorsports (Voted on by media members)
  • First Car One Lap Down Award – $100 from Gary Laro at “Powderkeg Powdercoating” – (603) 892-8019

Schedule of Events for the SBM 125 IV

Saturday, June 14 – Star Speedway, Epping, NH

Grandstand General Admission
Adults: $25.00
Seniors and Juniors: $20.00
Children 10 and Under with Paid Adult: Free Admission
Pit Area
Pit Pass: $35.00

11:00 AM  –  Gates open (for parking haulers only)
11:30 AM  –  Pit Pass Window Opens
12:00 PM – 1:15 PM  –  Tech & Tires
1:15 PM  –  SBM 125 Drivers Meeting
1:45 PM  –  General Admission Opens
1:45 PM – 2:45 PM  –  SBM 125 Modified Practice
2:45 PM – 3:15 PM  –  Star divisions rotating practice
3:15 PM – 3:30 PM  –  SBM 125 Final Practice- Scuff Session
3:30 PM – 4:00 PM  –  Star Weekly Divisions final practice
4:00 PM  –  Tech and Time Trial Lineup Prep. (TEAMS MUST HAVE CARS READY BY THIS TIME!)
4:30 PM  –  SBM Modified Time Trials to set heat lineups only
5:15 PM  –  Star weekly division heats: Stricklys, Roadrunners and Outlaws
6:00 PM  –  12 Lap SBM 125 Modified heats
6:40 PM  –  Roadrunner Feature
7:00 PM  –  Strickly Stock Feature
7:30 PM  –  Mod B Main
7:45 PM  –  Outlaw Late Model Feature
8:10 PM  –  SBM 125 Pre-race
* Driver Introduction
* National Anthem
* SBM 125 IV Grand Marshal, Ben Dodge gives the commands.
* SBM Mod 125 Green Flag 8:30 PM